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Comodo Internet Security 2020

Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security 2020 Download – Comodo Internet Security 2020 has both a firewall program and an antivirus energy in its complimentary bundle. While we cannot speak for the firewall program’s efficiency (we really did not check that feature), its antivirus element leaves much to be preferred. In our positions of cost-free anti-viruses software application, it landed at number six, last amongst the chart-makers.

After downloading the Internet Security plan, you could opt to install the anti-virus app, the firewall program, a 30-day test of Comodo’s LivePCSupport, or any kind of mix of the 3. We set up just the antivirus portion. Considering its lead to AV-Test. org tests, however, you most likely will not intend to install it on your COMPUTER.

Comodo Internet Security Download

Comodo Internet Security 2020 fell flat in spotting malware. Only PC Tools Anti-virus Free Version (which deliberately fails to discover just what COMPUTER Tools thinks about spyware) and the not-ready-for-prime-time ClamWin Free Antivirus did worse than Comodo’s 74.6 percent malware detection price. Allowing one from four intruders go unnoticed just doesn’t cut it. Comodo likewise ignored to catch some samples in the WildList test, a low-level baseline that utilizes recognized malware; a lot of anti-viruses applications catch every one of the WildList collection, yet Comodo missed out on a great deal.

Comodo Internet Security 2020 Download

The product’s installation additionally leaves a poor perception. By default it mounts an unneeded Hopsurf social networking web browser toolbar, as well as it prompts you to alter your default search engine to as well as your web page to Presenting ads for a paid application in a free product, as some of the various other examined programs do, seems sensible. However attempting to change the user’s search engine and also web page is excessive, even though the customer could shut off the choices.

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Likewise aggravating is the program’s Protection+ layer of security, which seems like a throwback to an age when security tools consistently prompted you to determine whether a particular program might take a particular action, such as developing a folder or changing the Registry. Such defense can be effective if you want to handle numerous disturbances and also run the risk of making a poor choice, yet you ‘d possibly end up disabling it rather.

Our experience with Comodo Internet Security’s antivirus part leaves us little reason to recommend it. Various other items of complimentary antivirus software do far better at protecting a COMPUTER. Comodo’s firewall software may be beneficial (once again, we really did not check this function), but its antivirus is most definitely not.


Comodo Internet Security 2020 Download

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